Dead Bird Days

My friend calls them dead bird days. She named them this after she was walking into work and a bird flew in front of her head, hit the window of the building and fell down dead at her feet. She called from the parking lot to announce she was not coming inside. After being convinced this meant nothing, she spent the day battling a jammed copy machine, a computer crash and a cell phone that would only speak in Spanish (I can’t possibly explain).

Today was a dead bird day. It began when the kid locked me out of the house and there wasn’t a whole lot positive after that.

I should have known when I looked in the window and saw Monkey Boy waving at me while sitting on his toy motorcycle, that this was a day to put on the flannel pajamas, turn on a black and white movie and eat popcorn all day in bed. I waved back helplessly from the front porch and the conversation between us went a little something like this:

Mom, yelling through the door with a forced calmness in her voice: Sweetheart, did you lock the door?

Monkey Boy, with a great deal of pride: YES!

Mom: Can you unlock the door please for Mommy?

Monkey Boy, hesitating a little: yes.

(long pause)

Mom: NOW?!

All I could think the whole time was, “Don’t drink bleach! Don’t drink bleach! Don’t drink bleach!”

He let me back in, but it’s been all Spanish cell phones since. Sometimes the universe tries to tell you to stop. Mother Nature or the planets’ alignment or some Higher Power tries to move you off the course you have set for yourself. In these moments, LISTEN! Or the next voice you hear may not be in a language you understand.



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3 responses to “Dead Bird Days

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! How true, how true.

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