Class Pictures

Today is class picture day at Monkey Boy’s school. I forgot. I just plain forgot. I only wrote in on three calendars. How can I be expected to remember something when it’s written down in only three places?

He’s wearing a race car t-shirt with finger paint stains on it because he loves that shirt and I figured at school he gets dirty, so the kid can wear whatever he wants. This means the photo will be a group of well-dressed, well-groomed children and my kid, grinning like the Monkey Boy he is, looking like something that stumbled out of a trailer park. In my defense, he did have a bath last night, so he’s at least clean.

Of course, there is that one kid who I’ve never seen without green snot running out of his nose. So there’s the smallest chance my poorly dressed child won’t be the one people are judging in this photo.


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