Forced Displays of Gingham

We know some lovely people. In fact, despite not being exactly terrific people ourselves, the husband and I have managed to surround ourselves with a whole bunch of folks who improve our reputations by claiming us as their friends. Occasionally, someone has to be culled from the herd for various infractions, such as poor table manners, over achievement, failure to immunize their children or going completely flipping nutso. But overall, we know lots of nice people. However, there is a trend developing, and it needs to be addressed.


We saw what had to be a 10-year-old male child today in an outfit that I would deem too babyish for my toddler. We’re talking sailor collar and gingham. He is going to get beaten up every day of junior high is this doesn’t stop. And soon. And it’s totally baffling. His parents are good people. They send him to a good school. They obviously love and nurture him. He continues to get taller, so I’m assuming he’s getting nutritious food. Why are they setting him up for ridicule? I officially feel bad for him. Unfortunately, he is not alone. He is merely the latest example in a rash of poor fashion choices by whom I assume to be the mothers of these boys. It’s time they must be stopped.

I’m not clear if this is a uniquely Little Rock problem because I don’t remember this in other places we have lived, but it’s possible I just wasn’t paying attention. This may be a Southern issue in general. But mark my words, these boys are going to be experimenting with hard drugs or plotting to murder their parents in their sleep if someone doesn’t hold an intervention with their fashion coordinators soon. And when they bring in the forensic psychiatrists, they will trace it all back to forced displays of gingham.


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  1. I sure hope this isn’t a new fashion trend. I happen to be the proud owner of an 11 year old boy and I would die of embarassment if my son ever wanted to wear something like that. He would too. He gets beaten up enough just wearing normal clothes.

    Of course, if it’s a choice between this style and the butt-crack pants fashion trend, I’d have to give it a little thought……