The internets go all the way to Philadelphia

The papers have dubbed it the “24-hour Reign of Error.” We have been blown off by Dana flippin Altman, who appears to think coaching Creighton is a better job than  coaching the Razorbacks. If even half of what has been alluded to in the papers and on various blogs is true, he could be right. But none the less, before he’d marked one day past a press conference that announced him as the new head basketball coach at Arkansas, he was on his way back to Omaha.

News of the story broke on I broke my own rule about listening to local sports talk radio and tuned in to hear what the “experts” had to say about it. I quickly remembered why I have the rule. One of the announcers, I believe it was Randy Rainwater, was talking about how the story was at that time unconfirmed, but that it was online. He followed this online bit with his amazement about how fast the news was traveling because he was getting calls from people in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA. He just kept repeating the word Pennsylvania.

Yes, dear sportscaster, the internet goes all the way to Philadelphia. It is by title world wide.


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