Basketball Coach Courting and Jr. High Dating

Daddy Frank, or as he is known to the rest of the world, Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Broyles did not date in Jr. High. This has become clear to me after watching him fire what was at least an average basketball coach to have a very public flirtation with not just one, but about four, high profile coaches, to settle on what appears to at least an average coach to replace him. I make my claims about his experience in the world of woo based on the rules that he blatantly broke in said dating ritual:

1) do not break up with your reasonably good looking girl friend to go to the prom with the captain of the cheerleaders unless you already have that lined up… in ADVANCE.

2) do not ever say out loud that you like someone, unless you are absolutely SURE that they like you back.

3) never, ever, under any circumstances, do you write down that you like someone where others could see it.

4) do not ever let the opposite sex see you eat. (this rule could be just for girls)

Woo Pig Sooie!


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