Crystal Ball

Valentine's Day 2007 ~ Monkey Boy (2nd Row, Far Left)

One of the other mom’s from baby baby’s daycare class is obviously overly ambitious and wanted to show the rest of us up for Valentine’s Day. She put together a photo card with pics of the six kids in the class.

I know very sweet, blah blah. She made me look bad with her thoughtfulness. But she was forgiven when I saw the photos. All the other kids are either smiling really sweetly or look afraid of the camera, but my kid is the best. My kid has drool running down his chin, his bid is turned around backwards, his monkey hair is flying around and he has a grin on his face like he just figured out how make the beer funnel work. He looks like a baby frat boy.

It’s the most hysterical thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’ve looked into the future and know what he will look like 20 years from now when he’s allegedly learning lots of great things at his Ivy League University.

We’re going to teach him to yell FREE BIRD!


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