If you gotta lose your mind…

… I want to be like my granddad. His dementia has set into the point that his personality is totally different. He was never a mean person, but very closed off and private. Kind, but distant. I think he was beaten down from years of living with my grandmother. But at lunch yesterday, he stood up several times to announce how glad he was that everyone could join him and how good it was to have such nice people around. Now, he had absolutely no idea who was there, but he was just happy they seemed nice and thought he’d tell them so.
He’s become this openly loving and kind person. He hugs all of us repeatedly and tells us how proud he is to know us. Again, no idea who we are, but still, it’s good to hear.
So when the my mind fails me, I want to go to the happy place where he is. It’s seems like a nice place to live out your final years.


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