We’re Number 5!

I’ve not commented much on the Hogs this season. Mostly because I have been stunned into silence by our improbable but meteoric rise. (Go on and take your bets on which scenario was more unlikely, my lack of something to say or the Hogs being ranked in the top five by the AP after two losing seasons in a row.) After being beat like we stole something by USC in the first game, the Arkansas Razorbacks have gone on to put together a 9-1 season so far.

We’ve had two really good wins this season that put us in this position. The rent-a-wins coupled with some down SEC programs did the rest. On the subject of the good wins, I think our win over Auburn can be chalked up to hubris on their part along with Tubberville’s trouble coaching morning games. He’s struggled in every game they’ve played at 11 am.

I take the credit the Tennessee win. I know that Darren McFaddin ran like a Heisman winner, but that was not what did it for us. You see before the game, our usual tailgate extended the right arm of Razorback fellowship to some native Tennessee-ans. They brought moonshine with them. Not wanting to be inhospitable, given we were hosting them, I decided to partake of what I had always deemed swill. It wasn’t half bad. Just strong corn whiskey in a bottle brought from home. I believe it was this gesture of goodwill that made the football gods smile upon us and grant us the win that propelled us into the top five.

Just for the record, we play Mississippi State and Louisiana State University next. I will be enjoying these games from my home via broadcast. I am afraid to consume whatever beverage they drink in the cow-patty of Mississippi and I’m not drinking any Cajun swamp water on principle. Since I can’t risk offending the hospitality gods, it’s the couch in my living room for me to root those Hogs to victory. No one to offend there, except the beloved husband and he became immune to my oddities many moons ago.


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