Come on Down!

Bob Barker announced that he is retiring from the Price is Right. I always like that show, and it makes me a little sad. Of course the man is 138 years old, so it’s probably time. It’s just that show brings back a lot of fond memories for me.

When I was little, I got a terrible case of the flu. I was sick in bed for over a week. For reasons that I can’t remember now, my dad stayed home with me. Normally, my mom would have done that. Every day, he would fix up the couch with fresh blankets and pillows for me and we could watch anything I wanted on TV all day long. He did steer me toward the Price is Right in the mornings, though. We would play the games in the living room together and I proudly announced when my mom and sister got home that I had won a car or a washer and dryer or some other such prize. It made being sick better.

So I wish you well, Bob. And any time you want to send along that Rice-a-Roni that I won 25 years ago, I’m still waiting.


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