Miraculous Bubbles

My niece turned three yesterday and we went to her Dora party. It was a spectacular display of toddler-hood. It was so rocking that all of the guests under five cried when it was time to leave. I’m telling you, this kid knows how to throw a party.

My sister gave us our party favor bag when we left. Given that baby baby is not yet ready for that sort of thing, I took the bag to work for me to play with. So far we’ve had a pretty good time. It contains a yo-yo, airplane, fun dough (not to be confused with play dough, mind you) and Miracle Bubbles.

The bottle states the Miracle Bubble come with a “Miracle Wand Inside!” This is confusing labeling. Are the bubble miraculous or is it the wand? And if you have miraculous bubbles, do you need a wand and the other way around? What miracles are performed? Are people healed? Can the lame walk? Do the blind see?

They are non-toxic, so they have that going for them.


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