Clearly, I’m not dead

Other blogs have already noticed this story, but it reminds me of some very funny moments in the last presidential election. The article addresses the problems with new voter databases required by the Help America Vote Act. At the end, it quotes an election official in Arkansas who says he knows there are dead people on the voter rolls, but until he receives official notice of their death from the state, he’s not removing their names.

After all, he might have heard wrong.

”Imagine if you came in to vote and someone said, ‘You can’t vote, you’re dead.’ Now how would you feel?”

A friend had this happen when he tried to vote in 2004. The poll worker told him that he was dead. He pointed out that clearly, he wasn’t, as he was breathing in front of her. It took the whole day to sort it out. At one point, he was yelling on the phone, “I’m not dead! I don’t know how to prove that other than to be alive!”


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