Children’s Chorus

Well I guess it’s time to join the chorus of people taking Asa! Hutchinson to the woodshed for his latest political commercial. Up to now, this campaign for Arkansas Governor has featured attacks from both sides that have been your typical, election year stuff: Beebe loves the gays vs. Asa! loves illegal immigrants. Both of them hate the grocery tax more than the devil himself.

But now Asa! has started running a commercial using children that’s beyond the pale. It’s a rip-off of the ads that feature children espousing, “When I grow up….”

If you can’t access the link above, the Democrat-Gazette describes it this way: The Hutchinson ad features about a dozen children. It starts with one saying, “When I grow up…” Then another says, “I want to be a politician.” Then, one after another, the children mention a negative political attribute, including, “backslapper” and “flip-flopper.” Others say, “raise taxes whenever I want” and “tell voters what they want to hear” and other things. It concludes with a girl saying, “Just like Mike Beebe.” Another child says again, “Just like Mike Beebe” and then another laughs.

My only question is, how big a man does it take to let an 8-year-old girl do your fighting for you? If Asa! has something to say about Beebe, and there could very well be plenty to say, he should speak up. He should NOT let 527s do his mudslinging. He should NOT let children throw his punches. He should NOT stand like a coward behind others, and let them do his fighting.

And to knock off another commercial, this one by J.C. Penny’s: Where were these children’s mothers?!!


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