We Outta Business

For my job, there were three meetings this week around the state. I had to go to some, but not all, of them. I purposely chose the worst location so that I could stop by Brinkley, home of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker store. My plan was to purchase Christmas gifts for friends who live around the country. I mean, let’s support the commerce surrounding this potentially non-existent bird.

I made my boss, who I was riding with to the meeting, leave early to stop at the store. We pulled up and IT WAS CLOSED!!! The store is closed Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How can a reputable business establishment just not open two days during a workweek? Who can operate that way? How can they possibly survive as a retail establishment?

I’m not blaming the bad economy in the delta on this one particular store. But I think it’s possible that this attitude cannot be helping make things better.


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