Electric Moo Fights the Power

I grew up in a small town that has become progressively more repressed as the years have gone by. Case in point, Electric Moo is a record store that, as I recall had a thoroughly average selection of music, some t-shirts and dirty magazines. For some time, they were the only place in town that you could buy tickets for various concerts. There were always rumors of drugs, but that likely had more to do with the “devil music” that they sold than any actual problems.

But my little town has passed a new sex ordinance. Lord only knows what sparked it, I mean, who knew such pious people could support the capitalist sale of minor league sex toys and adult magazines? But the city council is going to be sure that they stop that, even if it’s in a curtained off area where children will not inadvertently see it.

So they’ve gone after the Electric Moo, actually charged them with a fine, to stop the sale of said items. And I love their defense. They say the ordinance that defines them as a sex store is overly broad and if they’re a sex store, and unable to operate within 1000 feet of homes or parks, then so is Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart sells…. wait for it…. push-up bras and condoms.

I guess we’ll see what happens. My guess is: as Wal-Mart is the favorite shopping center for the God-fearing taxpayers of the River Valley, this will be resolved very soon. No need to have the good name of the retail giant dragged into this tawdry affair.


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