Bob Dole Naming Contest

For the third time in as many weeks, I have received an email from someone who referred to themselves in the third person. It’s as if Bob Dole has resurfaced, but only in my email Inbox.

So after consultation with coworkers, we have decided that this is the best way to handle all outgoing email in the future: no more I’s or me’s, just name only. A coworker suggests that the ideal way to do it would be to assign yourself a nickname and the use only that as opposed to the name my parents assigned me.

Here’s where I get stuck. I don’t know a good nickname. I’m not going to be “Bibs” or “Diesel” or even “BMF,” although that would be spectacular. So I’m opening it up to suggestions, dear friends. What should my nickname be? And “thunder stealer” is not an option, Carbone.


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  1. A. Friend

    How about Spunky?