Not exactly Sophie’s Choice…..

….but a dilemma all the same.

Fortune Magazine has announced it’s 50 Most Powerful Women for 2006. Apparently, being the all-powerful ruler of the area taped off as my office does not qualify me. These women run big companies like Pepsi and Xerox.

But this did bring up an interesting question. Not that I am in any danger of having to make this choice, but if you had to chose between being on the 50 Most Powerful Women list or the 50 Most Beautiful list, which would you chose?

Now before you jump to say “Powerful” like it’s the only answer for smart women that’s allowable to say out loud, think about the advantages that beauty brings.  The people on the Most Beautiful list get a lot free stuff. What designer doesn’t want his clothes on those people? What restaurant will seat you poorly if you are on that list or refuse your reservation for that matter? What Congressman or Senator would refuse a meeting to hear about your issue of choice?

I’m not saying that being pretty is better than running a company. I’m just saying pretty has a power all it’s own. And there are no stockholders to answer to.

This is even better than the question: if you were a superhero, what power would you want?


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