Screech Update

My good friends who know of my strange obsession with the actor formerly known as Screech, and have become enablers of a sort, have sent me news accounts of his latest venture/ pathetic cry for attention.

It seems our good friend made a sex tape. It’s not clear when this happened or how it got out, but needless to say what published reports indicate is on the tape is just way more of Dustin Diamond than any of us need to see. There are reportedly not just one, but two, women involved in this little escapade and what is described makes one wonder if these are women of poor virtue or simply women living out some sick preteen fantasy with this man.

I liked him better when he was in the basement printing t-shirts to save his house. He still seemed pure, if a little pitiful to me. Now he’s just a dirty, washed up actor who wants to book more stand-up gigs.

But my shirt is still really funny.


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  1. To me, he’ll always be the actor currently known as Screech.