My baby is mocking me

So I have explained to my not-yet three-month-old how much I like sleep. He seemed to understand. The little cherub laughed and smiled at me when I told him, but I now realize that wasn’t love and understanding for the Mommy. That was mockery.

For the past two nights, he’s been up demanding a bottle at 2:30 am. Now I know that there are those who would say that it’s important to feed the baby, and I would not disagree. But I was under the impression that he understood that he needed to do that eating during the daylight hours. A rested Mommy is much nicer Mommy.

I suppose I could take some of the blame for this. God is punishing me for bragging. See, I told everyone I know that the daycare told me that he is the best baby they’ve ever had. I have zero intention of sharing the news when they eventually tell me he is a biter or paste eater, but this news was broadcast far and wide. And now God is reminding me that Mommy’s who brag are mocked by the little darlings whom they brag about.


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