4 Cities, 3 Flights, 2 Airlines and 1 Lost Bag

Delta Airlines SUCKS!!!

I had a fabulous trip to Vegas — details later. But my return flight was disastrous. They kept re-routing me and then as a final act of desperation, just turned me over to American Airlines in Dallas to get me home. They didn’t offer my bag the same courtesy, so I may never see my cute Vegas clothes again.

And since according to the FAA, my mascara might bring down a plane once it and the lip gloss get their diabolical plan together, I may also be out a fair amount of money in cosmetics if this bag doesn’t show up soon. However, knitting needles and certain knives are completely safe.

A pox on TSA and Delta! I would wish bad things on the dogs of all their executives, but that seems unfair to the dogs.


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