Woo Pig Chewy

Let me first say that I am a single celled organism when it comes to marketing. I bought Coke blak, new pink Tab and fuzzy pens that light up. All of which, it’s worth pointing out, added significantly to the happiness of my existence.

Now, the greatest find of all. Woo Pig Chewy ice cream. It’s made by Yarnell’s, an Arkansas company and probably only distributed in the Natural State, but if you can get your hands on it – yummy!!

It’s brownie flavored ice cream, with chunks of brownie in it, and swirls of brownie batter. No need to bother with a bowl, just grab a spoon and eat it out of the container. You will not be sorry!



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5 responses to “Woo Pig Chewy

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  2. joe bill

    i saw a huge billboard in little rock!!!

  3. it back too- the whoo pig chewy..in the BIG sizes too. its my favorite!

  4. mercy

    That’s my fave and I just realized that Yarnell’s closing would affect my life. (sad face)