80s Rockers in the Rock

Some friends called and said we needed to get out of the house, and wanted to know if we wanted to go to the Poison/ Cinderella 20th Anniversary Tour that was stopping in our fair city last night. Of course we said yes. Who can resist aging rockers with toasted voices? It was fantastic!
Let me say here that we did not take the baby. I feel the need to clarify that, given the number of children of inappropriate age there, not to mention the startling number of pregnant women. (Quick aside: there was a woman in the pit who took her top off for the opening band, whose name no one can remember, as well as every band after that. I’m pretty sure that she was not caught up in the moment, she was just itching to get that bra off. The truly sad part was the number of people trying to help her get it back on.)
Now for the review: These guys don’t know they’re too old to be the same kind of rockers they were in the day. They haven’t seemed to look in the mirror for the past 20 years, and didn’t realize that they’re past 40 and leather pants are just not appropriate. Once they got done telling the crowd about their various chronic health problems (diabetes, stomach problems, bad voices) they did mention that Bret had hurt his knee, but wouldn’t cancel the show because he loved the fans in Little Rock so much. It didn’t take long to find the source of his pain – a fight on stage Friday night with his own bass player. Seriously, 40-year-old men should not get into a fight, they look silly. Watch for yourself.


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