When I know more about your website than you do….

… life is not good.

Once again, I have found a house that I’d like to buy. So I went the Pulaski County Assessor’s Office website to see what the comparable homes on that street were selling for. However, the part of the website that searches the database for you is REALLY slow. So I called to see if maybe a server was down or if this just the way it is.

I was transferred through about four county employees, all of whom assured me that the website worked. I told them, parts of it did, but I was pretty sure that this part had a problem. Oh no, said the designer of the website, whom I got to speak to. He’s a lovely man, by the way, and outraged on my behalf, as a taxpayer, that the website didn’t work.

I should point out that while these people didn’t seem to know anything about the website, they were all very polite telling me that there was nothing they could do for me except transfer me to someone else.

Then finally, I got to a “supervisor” who told me, yes indeed, a server is down and that he had his IT people right on it. He even took my name and number.

I feel confident that this will be fixed and my tax dollars (by the way, the county says they need more of them) will serve me well very soon. I’m holding my breath.

UPDATE: 20 minutes after this post, the supervisor actually called back to say yes a server was down, but it was back up and to try the website again. I did, it works. Credit where it’s due.

Then 10 minutes later, back down again. This is very annoying.


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