The Surreal Life of Screech Powers

So according to the Associated Press, Dustin Diamond is in the news again. It’s sort of a Kobe Bryant thing except no actual rape charges, just a woman in his hotel room and they both have differing accounts of whom assaulted whom.

The gives me a chance to update the Save Screech’s House t-shirt story. After ordering one of the said t-shirts for a friend, I got an email explaining that they were having shipping problems, and that they were filling orders by hand. (This brought to mind a great visual of Screech and his wife in the basement with a bunch of t-shirts and manila envelopes) Then after a couple of weeks, I received not one, but two Save Screech’s House t-shirts by mail.

Now I’m not convinced that a bunch of t-shirts were ever gonna save this man’s domicile. But if they’re sending two for the price of one, they’re sure not gonna do him any good. Possibly, his financial problems are not all of his parent’s making. I’m just saying.


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