Morning Television

For more than a decade, I've had my little morning rituals that include puttering around the house and watching Good Morning America while I get ready. I like routines before I'm fully awake, that way I don't have to think too much before I'm ready to.

However, the past few mornings, I've been feeling a little anxiety in my life waiting for this baby to be born, so I decided after the initial headlines to switch to VH1 to watch some music videos. This has helped quite a bit because my already amped up state is not further upset by seeing the sad state of the world. Looks like we're all gonna die.

There is a downside to this though. No one on VH1 tells me it's ten minutes past the hour. It's 20 minutes past the hour. It's half past the hour. Leave the house or your going to be late for work lady!

I've come to rely on that little service and without it, things don't go so well for me in the on-time department. Not that there was ever a lot of smooth sailing on that sea. If you still got detention for being late, I would so be spending my Saturday morning in the gym. 


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