Pea Shortage

Well it seems the Purple Hull Peas Festival in Emerson may be a bit light on peas this year. A combination of factors has organizers worried about violence when the pilgrims in search of peas realize there won't be enough for everyone. Last year, a fight nearly broke out over the last bushel of peas, when there was a similar shortage. (We take our produce very seriously here.)

The thing is, this area doesn't really produce all that many peas. It's not one of their bigger crops. So why have a festival dedicated to a product you don't grow that much of? According to the AP, Columbia County extension agent Danny Walker said, "I think they just wanted to honor the legume."

Well that clears that right up.  


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  1. I’m sorry we won’t be able to get this event into in time. We will have it next year though. Please DYLR, in the future, more notice.