Little Rock Kickball

Local writer Suzi Parker got a story picked up by the Christian Science Monitor about the Little Rock Kickball League. It's exactly what you think it is, a bunch of adults playing a kids' game.

I happen to be a great fan of the game as it is the only game I ever got a home-run in during grade-school. I actually played in this league briefly because a team needed some more girls to fill out their roster. We stunk!

However, I still have a copy of league rules, which are hilarious, and include among other things:

Scheduling: All games will happen on Sunday. That means buy your beer on Saturday!!! (blue laws still exist here)

Each captain is also expected to police their own team and ensure that no cry babies, whiners, cheats or any elements determined to be creepy or scummy are allowed to ruin our good time.

Only the umpire is allowed out on the field and is unaided, meaning no friends allowed out there while they are umping.

Any team showing up late may be required to pound a few in order to catch up with the other team who impatiently has been pounding waiting for your sorry asses to show up.

It is the losing team's option to take the mercy rule if they wish at which point they will be ridiculed terribly by everyone.

While drinking of beer while playing is encouraged, it is in no way a requirement for playing. Captains shall ensure that no player is too drunk or poses a danger to themselves or others during play.


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