Jesus Loves Me Slamdance

So we went to see my father for the day we celebrate him. He is doing quite well, thanks for asking, and we all enjoyed the pie his wife baked. My niece won a prize for family entertainment when she convinced us that it was imperative that we do the hokey poky. We put our whole selves in and shook them all about because a two year old told us to.  

Then because we were tired and full of pie and didn't want to shake it about any more, we decided to get her to sing other songs she learned at pre-school. A rousing rendition of Ring Around the Rosies, where I was instructed that we ALL fall down, was followed by a version of Jesus Loves Me that included her flinging herself  across the furniture and floor. I've never seen the slam dance version of Jesus Loves Me before, but it was a dandy.  


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