Trashy TV

So I'll admit it, I watched "Britney Spears: Speaking Out" last night. It reminded me of when Vanna spoke. We have to stop these women before they speak again. 

Britney chewed gum! throughout the entire interview. She declared that it was "cruel" to call her a redneck, but later stretched her arms wide to declare "we're country!"  Country seems to have more syllables than normal. 

I find myself tempted to mock her and feel only the guilty pleasure of watching her squirm in her immaturity. But there is a part of me that hopes simply that she will one day grow up. Her problem is not unique to the rich and famous, they're just the only ones on Dateline for it. Wisdom usually only comes from having messed up enough that you don't want to do it any more. 

And if she could find a new make-up artist to keep her from looking like she still lived in a Louisiana trailer park, that would be good too.  


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