Acting Debut

For reasons that are not quite clear, I received an email informing me of an open audition for a movie being filmed in Arkansas.

Casting directors will be looking for several actors of all ages and ethnicities to

populate the community of War Eagle – a "hot mom"; a diner waitress; a

University of Memphis baseball scout and a coach; an African-American

preacher; a Blanchard Springs tour guide and a ticket seller; an obsessive-

compulsive wood-chopping 13-year-old, and a high school bully. There are also

speaking roles for high school baseball players, coaches, and umpires.


I'm considering trying out for the obsessive-compulsive wood-chopping 13-year-old. If the braces stay on indefinitely, I think I have a real shot. Do you think it matters that I couldn't swing an ax if my life depended on it?  


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