Oil Change Guilt

So after some unpleasant exchanges with my beloved husband about the last time I changed the oil in my car, I took it in yesterday to get the Signature Service, or whatever catchy phrase the poor man who takes the keys to my car is required to say.

The woman behind the counter began to explain to me all the services my car needed. Apparently everyone thinks I neglect this vehicle. When I politely said, "No thanks, I'm on my lunch hour, just change the oil," she looked at me like I said, "No thanks, I'll let my children starve while I eat a feast in front of them."

I don't need this kind of guilt in my life! I already feel bad that I'm going to screw up a kid that isn't even in my house yet. I feel guilt over the ozone layer and global warming. I feel terrible for all the mean things I said as a junior high girl. I was raised in Baptist Church, for crying out loud, and don't think we didn't, I understand the power of guilt when raised to an art form.

But I will not take guilt from the lady who rings me up a Jiffy Lube! That's where I draw the line. No more. Save the pained look in your eyes for the next customer. Use your judgement on someone else. I'm all out of bad feelings for now.  


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