Crib Raising

Some families have barn raisings, mine has crib raisings. 

Last night, seven (7) people came to my house to assemble a crib. This kid isn't even born yet and he's already drawing a crowd. Only about two of the people participated in the crib assembly, the rest were there to distract me and keep me from interrupting and offering helpful advice. I'm very good at that.

To their credit, it looks structurally sound and there was practically no swearing at all.  

I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line this whole having a family thing became  a group activity. Now I like that so many people actually care about us, and am truly touched that they want to be a part. But it baffles me that they come to my house. I think they know that I would just not do a lot of this if it were left up to me, and they want to be sure it happens. 


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