Proof that Spelling Bee Kids are scary

After being told that I am too hard on the spelling bee kids, I remembered a story that proves my point about why I don't like them. 

Last week, when we were waiting for the election returns, I was drinking beer with one of the campaign managers. (actually I was drinking his beer so that I could lie to myself that I wasn't drinking, but what else are you gonna do at 1 am when you're waiting for them to fix the voting machines so they can count the votes?)

Anyway, he said that a kid from his middle school won the spelling bee years ago. He said the kid was super weird and never talked to anyone. Then he went on Letterman after he won and was amazingly funny and clever. No one could believe it. Then he came back home and was super weird and never talked to anyone.

I'm just saying that they can make all the feel good movies about Akeelah and Bee that they want to, but I'm a little scared of the spelling bee kids. This can all be read as pure envy and that would not be wrong.  



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2 responses to “Proof that Spelling Bee Kids are scary

  1. I don’t blame ya’ some of those kids give me the creeps a little too…some people are just too smart for their own good

  2. sounds like a real prick. …little too high and mighty for all the other kids.