Riverfest highlights

We went to the annual Memorial Day weekend music festival, Riverfest. It's held on the banks of the Arkansas River, as its name would imply.

Dwight Yokam and the Doobie Brothers put on a good show. It was hot, but then, it's summer, so that's to be expected. The event did raise some questions though:

1) Can you be charged with DUI when you are blitzed riding a electric wheelchair/ scooter through a crowd?

2) When did goth come back into fashion? There were quite a few teens trying desperately to look pale and disenfranchised in black. Mostly they just looked hot in the humidity.
3) Where have all the confederate flag bikinis gone? Not that I'm sad to see them go, but this is the first festival in memory that there were none spotted. Have we finally risen above this insult to fashion and each other? Let us hope.


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