Pine Sol Mystery

So in my desire to make everything clean and sterile for the impending arrival of our first child, I purchased cleaning products at the store. This is not the first time this has happened, lest you fear that I have never cleaned my home. But none the less, we were low on supplies and I stocked up.

Last night, I went to get the Pine Sol that had been dutifully bought, brought home, and put away. It was gone. missing. vanished. disappeared. I could not find it. And I can't figure out where it could be. Did the house swallow it up? Did the dogs drink it? Did it look around and see its task and run away? I mean where can an entire bottle of something go?

My beloved husband kindly pointed out that judging by the bathrooms, it had certainly not been used up. He spent the rest of the evening cleaning out the office closet. 


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