There’s a naked man in the river!

Apparently the unseasonably hot weather or some form of mental illness took its toll on one Little Rock man yesterday. He rid himself of clothes and took a swim in the Arkansas River. We'll save the "why one never swims in the river" speech for another day. 

The account in the Democrat Gazette says: Firefighters and police officers boarded a boat and intercepted the man, but he eluded capture and swam to the south shore of the river…. Once he reached shore, the man, who appeared to be Hispanic and in his mid- to late-20 s, banged rocks together, pulled weeds from the bank and pretended to use them to scribble on a large rock. He also ate small pieces of Styrofoam that floated on the water. The man then crawled up on the riverbank and covered himself with rocks.

I gotta tell you this does not instill any kind of faith in the Little Rock police and fire departments. How hard is it to catch a naked man? This apparently took hours.  


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