If you ever had any doubt as to why Al Gore didn't connect with voters, you need only to read the latest Associated Press story about his latest global warming movie. 

May I enter into evidence Exhibit 2006: 

Is President Bush likely to see Al Gore’s documentary about global warming?

“Doubt it,” Bush said coolly Monday.

But Bush should watch it, Gore shot back. In fact, the former Democratic vice president offered to come to the White House any time, any day to show Bush either his documentary or a slide show on global warming that he’s shown more than 1,000 times around the world.

“The entire global scientific community has a consensus on the question that human beings are responsible for global warming and he has today again expressed personal doubt that that is true,” Gore said in an Associated Press interview from France where he attended the Cannes Film Festival.

The problem isn't that Gore is wrong, he's not. He's always been right about this issue. But by the time he hit the word "consensus," I, who agree with him, have no idea what he's saying.

Bush on the other hand, well, you don't have to do much cipherin' to figure out what he thinks about all this.  


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