2-year-old care and maintenance

I'm keeping my niece this weekend. The plan is to give her anything she wants and tell me sister she was an angel when she returns home spoiled rotten. But I did ask for a current list of foods she will eat and if there are any guidelines that I can feel free to disregard. Below is the list of general rules for the care and maintenance of a 2-year-old. For reference, Bobo is her stuffed hippo that she is never without.

General Rules:
-when asking for something say please--when given say

-in a store have to ride in the buggy--front seat is
the seat--back seat is the cart

--when walking in parking lots-have to hold someone’s

--when going places bobo can ride in the car--but he
can't go in

--inside voice /outside voice

--in restaurant--she will tell she is to big for a
high chair or a booster. sit in a booth and put heron the inside--
table put her between 2 people--she can't escape that way


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