the bedsheet musta slowed him down

Apparently the LSU track team's poor showing at the SEC track meet Saturday was a little tough to take for one runner. He appears to have done what many before him have tried, to drown his sorrows in a bottle of liquor. However, he seems to have taken it a bit further than others with delusions of superhero status.

The Morning News Reports: Officers responded to a call from the Hampton Inn of a man wearing an LSU running suit — and a sheet — banging on a door and trying to get into the hotel. The caller also said the man had thrown up all over himself.

Poor fella had insult added to injury at his court appearance the next day. Seems the judge had no sympathy for his plight after he led police on a foot chase. At Haro's arraignment Monday morning, Springdale District Judge Stan Ludwig told Haro, "No wonder you guys lost the track meet. You can't even outrun a Springdale cop."


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