I stink

so we had dinner at my dad's house last night and my nieces and nephews were there. after we ate, we were playing what could loosely be called baseball. one of kids would hit the ball and they all ran into the "outfield" to be chased by the adults. the outfield is really just the side yard. there was no score or even outs for that matter. 

even with this lack of structure to the game, I clearly stood out as the player who stunk the most. I thought that I had overcome my lack of skills at throwing, running and catching, by being the player who was best at batter chatter, but I was mistaken. 

I know this because I said to my 4-year-old nephew, "Hey! Let's you and me be a team. It'll be us against Pop and your uncle." (believing that all children love me and are taken in by my charm, I figured he would be thrilled at this idea. again, wrong.)

he looks at me with all seriousness, and says like he doesn't want to let me down too hard, "No" 

I said, "You don't want to be on team with me? Who do you want to be on a team with?"

he pointed to my husband.

I said," Well who will I be on a team with?"

he said, "Pop will take you." (this was with the decided implication that as my father, Pop, was legally, if not morally obligated to take the lesser kids on his team.)

I was used to being picked last for all sports in elementary school, but at this point in my life, when the 4-year-old thinks you stink, you stink! and it's time to give up the ghost that you will ever play sports. 


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