Road Trip!

The legislature of the "gret stet" of Oklahoma in their infinite wisdom has decided that it's time for their residents to get tattooed. Now it's worth noting in the 2 1/2 years that I lived in OK, I did not notice a shortage of tattoos, but be that at it may, come November 1, it will be legal to tell your mom you love her in ink on your arm there. 

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette,  State Rep. Al Lindley, D-Oklahoma City, first introduced legislation to make tattooing legal in 1999. He said the new law will help ensure safe, healthy conditions in tattoo parlors that now operate illegally throughout the state. The law will create jobs, generate more small business and help stop the flow of potential state revenue to Oklahoma border states such as Texas and Arkansas, Lindley said. “I think people will stay in Oklahoma to get a tattoo,” Lindley said. “Now, people go out of state to get a tattoo, and they’ll often plan a whole trip around it.” 

Yes, that's exactly how I remember trips as a child.  "Honey, pack up the car and the kids, we're going to get a tattoo!" Seriously?! 

The real question is, what will Arkansas do about the lost revenue from tattooing the citizens of our neighboring state. Surely the Department of Finance will have to generate some charts or graphs about that.  


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