Hello world

So my friends have tired of me filling up their inboxes with my observations on the world or more to the point, my life. Other people seem to be able to get through the day with little to no trouble or at least not the kind I seem to encounter. 

This blog will serve to keep their inboxes less cluttered and give me an outlet for the strange thoughts that seems to bounce around in my head. If you happened to have stumbled onto this by some freak accident, my apologies for the circus side show feeling that these entries will take. 



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4 responses to “Hello world

  1. accidental tourist

    nice welcome message. i look forward to more post such as this.

  2. and this took HOW MANY MONTHS to launch?

  3. It was actually very easy to launch. 3 months of thinking about it — 3 minutes to set it up.

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